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Eric Fox is a one time shop floor apprentice, who became a works manager with a firm specialising in steel industry plant before deciding to launch his Leigh Street company.
"We are a jobbing company which supplies spares, repairs and prototype equipment for the steel industry. We also design and manufacture specialised machinery, working closely with our customers, ensuring a very high level of customer service. We specialise mainly in prototype machines, rolling equipment, mill spares, machine components, specialised machinery etc. A lot of our business does tend to come from local customers, although we do have outlets throughout the world. In fact a lot of plant and equipment designed and built by us can be found as far away as Germany, America, Japan and China.”
A flair for turning customers ideas into a precision-made working reality, and the flexibility and skills needed to tackle some of the trickiest engineering challenges, has helped to create an ever-growing success story for Fox Precision Machine Ltd.

The Sheffield-based firm, which began life as a one-man operation, has grown steadily over the years, winning business from leading companies who expect suppliers to match their own exacting standards.
"I came across an old customer who rented the premises we now use. He was in the process of moving out and was selling his plant and machinery. We struck a deal and instead formed Fox Precision Machine using his equipment and my expertise. It was a risk I was confident in taking, even though we were heavily into the late 70's recession. A combination of luck and determination helped us not just to stay in business, but to expand." - Eric Fox
Fox Precision Machine started out supplying specialised machinery for the agricultural industry throughout the world. This is still an important source of business, but customers now include major names in steel and engineering for whom Fox has created tailor-made machines to perform a range of different tasks.
Fox Precision Machine now have the TWIL group, Betafence, Corus, Autokumpu, Alloy Steel Rods, Avesta Polarit, Rose Roofing, McAlloy, Thornton Precision Forgings and Tube Investments Ltd among some of the leading companies within the Fox Precision customer base.
The company has grown from being a one-man band to employing around 12 people, all recruited almost exclusively from individuals who are highly skilled in his/her profession, offering between them, a service in precision engineering that is second to none.
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