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Fox Precision Machine Ltd are a major player in the design and manufacture of prototype machines for the engineering industry including slitters, scrap bundlers, expanding/collapsing coiling drums and cardboard cut-off machines.
We design and produce many products to exacting customer specifications. Examples include:

• Edge Dressing Machines • Scrap Bundlers • Strip Rolling Equipment • Taper Couplings / Sleeves Drive Rolls • Brake Drums • Shearing Equipment • Wire Drawing Machines  

We also manufacture many one-off components or batches of spares including drive couplings, sleeves, rolls, shear pins, gears etc. depending on customer requirements.
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Slitters accurate to within .001”. Up to 100mm dia. 600mm wide.
Granulators or ‘hoppers’. Rubber cutting machines.
Cardboard tube cutter. Up to 20” dia. No dust. Up to 1.5m tube length.